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Ebony Buckle @ Craufurd Arms

16 April, 2023

My first time at the Craufurd Arms, Wolverton, and it was a pleasure to shoot Ebony Buckle, supported by Georgina Wilson and Lilo.

This was the first time I had seen any of these artists live, and I was really happy that all 3 did not disappoint, their music blending together to create a memorable evening in-front of the small crowd, on the second smaller stage in the venue.

On a night of firsts, it was also the first time I got to try out my new Fujifilm XH2 in a live music setting, and I was blow away with the images that I was able to produce with this stunning camera. I cannot wait to shoot some more with this camera, it was such a pleasure to use.

First up was Georgina Wilson...

A local singer/song writer from Milton Keynes, already with a couple of songs released on major streaming platforms. Check her out if you get a moment, definitely one to watch!

Lilo followed...

As stated in their Instagram bio... wooah mysterious girls!

I have not found much out the duo, other than they also have music out on major streaming platforms, and are currently playing at various venues across the UK.

Check out their new EP 'I Don't Like My Chances On The Outside' - love the photography on the cover of this EP!

Then the Main Event, Ebony Buckle...

Ebony is a singer/song writer from Australia, now based in London, who performs with her 'partner in crime' Nick Burns. 2021 saw the release of her debut album 'Disco Lasers', and that has been followed up this year with the release of a covers album 'Myths from the Megaverse'. Her quirky personality (and dress sense) was a hit!...

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