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As an experienced music photographer, I understand that it is difficult for unsigned artists/bands to know where to start when it comes to creating high quality imagery to help promote themselves and their music. This is where I excel...

Working with unsigned artists is a way that I like to give a little back. For me, being able to help someone just starting out, or trying to make their way in a crowded industry means you have one less thing to think about. With heavily discounted rates, creating high quality images to help you market yourself is not going to break the bank...

Very often you will find that I also pop up at one of you live gigs to photograph you, giving you extra promotional images... all FOC!

Why do I do this? I love music!... it's as simple as that.
Getting to know the next generation of potential chart toppers and helping them produce a brand out of their music is something I love to do.

So, if you are an unsigned artist/band, then book a discovery call and lets see how I can help you progress...

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