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Team Lift

28 June, 2023

This week I travelled to Chieveley for a Brand Session with Team Lift, run by Lucy and assisted by new member of the team Laura.

This was Team Lift's first brand shoot, but I already had a specific vision that we were looking to achieve to set them up with a bank of high quality images for use on Social Media. the updated website and other advertising media.

With 2 people to shoot, a variety of individual and team images were required to be fit into the 4 hour booking, so it was decided that we would break the session into 3 main parts - Home Fitness, Working, and Fitness in the Gym. We had a good time shooting all 3 areas, and even managed a quick walk out into the nearby woods for some quick shots, as well as shooting some short video clips.

Here are a few images from the session.

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