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The Tattography Project


What is The Tattography Project

Over the last few years I have been fascinated with some of the art people have inked onto themselves. I have a couple of small tattoos that have a meaning behind them, and it got me wondering about what and why other people get tattoos, both small and large.

The Tattography Project is a personal project to explore the world of tattoo, and to meet, discuss and document people's own experiences of body art. 

One of the tattoos I have on my own body is linked to Project Semicolon in support of several people I know that have suffered, or are still suffering through mental health issues, and I would like my work to eventually be published, with the proceeds being donated to a mental health charity. 

If you would like to get involved in my project, and have a chat and allow me to photograph your body-art, then please get in touch.

Beauty Photography by Michael Banks Photographer

A Selection of my Tattoo Shots...

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